Services offered by HYDROCARBON MAPPING CO., LLC
Hydrocarbon Mapping Co.,LLC is an oil and gas specialist service company exploring for oil and gas reservoirs for oil companies and investors with its use of proprietary exploration methods. 

We provide petroleum reservoir survey maps.

Fault/Fracture locations on hydrocarbon survey maps.

Multi-level reservoir definition on separate hydrocarbon surveys maps.

Hydrocarbon Mapping provides the most advanced exploration tool offered today. Through the use of proprietary interpretive methods we are able to process the data at all times. Our mapping service is a result of the interpretation of this data. The maps Hydrocarbon Mapping Co., LLC provides are Hydrocarbon Reservoir Maps with Faults. The hydrocarbon maps will indicate reservoirs that are trapped in channel sands, anticlines, reefs, fault traps and any other mechanism that traps oil and/or gas. We are as interested in the trapping mechanism as we are focused on oil and gas in a reservoir. The mechanism is the specialty of the geologist. Hydrocarbon Mapping Co.,LLC locates and provides hydrocarbon reservoir survey maps.

When a client contacts Hydrocarbon Mapping Co.,LLC we go through the following steps: 

The client tells us where they want to survey.
Hydrocarbon Mapping Co.,LLC generates a location order map with Longitude and Latitude locations or Township and Range and Section numbers for the clients approval.

 When the client approves the location map a Work Order is executed by both parties.
        Pre-payment is made.
        The survey map is scheduled.
        Petroleum signature is detected if it is in place.
        Computer time is scheduled.
        Interpretation of the data is processed.
        Reservoir maps are generated indicating the results of the interpretation.
        Aerial maps of the area surveyed are generated. 
        Hydrocarbon reservoirs are presented on Google Earth aerial maps.
        The hydrocarbon reservoirs are color coded to indicate the intensity and quality of the reservoir.
        A complete set of survey maps is delivered to the client via email.

        Local Maps from 4 square miles to regional.
        Surveys are presented on Google Earth aerial maps.
        Regional maps. 
        These surveys can be from 36 square miles to several thousand square miles.

        The regional maps are excellent tools to help locate hydrocarbon reservoirs within a large area. 
        When oil and gas is identified within a regional map then more detailed survey maps are generated. 

        These maps are developed from radiation interpretation. 
        The maps will indicate faulting and sometimes subsurface structure.
        These maps are not available for all regions.

        For pricing please contact us so that we can discuss your needs.

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